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windows xp cannot move any files from folder to folder

03/15/2012 02:00 by MikeChin

First answer posted by PollyP at 03/15/2012 02:01
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4 Answers
  • PollyP
  • I'm having the exact same problem.

    I am using XP Pro SP 3 and I am having a problem with moving files from one folder to another, no matter where the folder is or what the files is. If I try to move a file, it becomes locked, and it cannot be opened or used. If I move a folder, then the entire contents of the folder becomes locked, and I can't even open the folder, it tells me that access is denied, nothing else. If I try to delete the file, then I get an error prompt telling me that the file or folder is not accessible, and that access is denied,and "make sure the disc is not full or write protected." If I try to move those corrupted files to another folder, this time I get the message "cannot move or replace" the file in question, and "make sure the disc is not full or write protected." If it is a document, like a text file, then I can open the file, and there is a prompt saying that access is denied. I can then use the text document and save something, but if I close the document and then try to reopen it, all changes are lost. 

    There isn't this problem if I move files from an external device or from the disc drive. 

    I am running as an administrator. 

    Right now, if I need to move a file, I copy it to it's destination, which is possible, and then delete the original file. Using an unlocking program was the only way I could delete those files that could not be used anymore.

    Any help?

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  • JoeStewart
  • Did this issue start recently?
    I would recommend trying System Restore to set the system back to a state before the issue started. Try this:
    1. Click START
    2. Click 'All Programs'
    3. Click 'Accessories'
    4. Click 'System Tools'
    5. Click 'System Restore'
    Follow the prompts shown to restore your system back to a date before the issue started. Though System Restore does not target personal data, it's recommended that you back up any data like music, pictures, and documents in case something does go wrong.
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  • JPhillippy
  • Hi, joe. I have the same problem on XP Media Edition. 
    One thing for me though is that I have lived with this problem for a long time so restore would be crazy (maybe 2 years).  Is there another solution you can think of?
    I alos have an Internet Explorer shortcut that seem to have lost its connection to its target file and I can't delete or do anything with this shortcut.
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  • Anonymous user
  • It will take a while to run this so be prepared to find something else to do while this is running. Close all open programs. Go to Start menu. Open "My Computer". Right click and choose "Properties". Open the Tools tab. Select error-checking. In the pop check the box "Automatically fix file system errors" Also check the box "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" You may be prompted to restart your computer in order for this to run.

    It is probably a good idea to defragment your computer after you have finished running this.

    Before defragmenting run "Disk Cleanup"

    Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Cleanup

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