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Windows Live Movie Maker won't export as .wmv?

04/16/2013 23:34 by zombowie

I made a video on Windows Live Movie Maker and tried to export/save it as a .wmv file, but every time it saves to about 90% and then tells me it can't because the files are corrupted or missing. All of the files I used have been on my desktop and have not moved and are all .wmv files.

Sometimes when I go to preview the video, certain segments will just go black and the timeline has an alert triangle saying once again that it's corrupted or missing, but all the files are present and have not moved. I have even tried remaking the video over again. Is there a way I can fix this so it will save as .wmv or a way I can convert it to an .mswmm file for XP movie maker instead? I've been frustrated with this for a week, what can I do? Thanks!
First answer posted by Anonymous user at 10/19/2016 20:12
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1 Answers
  • Anonymous user
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