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Windows Live Movie Maker Error: 0x87160139

03/15/2012 11:23 by SaideeDay

I've just update the newest version 2011 (Build 15.4.3502.0922)

I can't save the movie and the error is 0x87160139

There are yellow triangles in some of the videos but they are all located

I've tried to remove and add videos again
First answer posted by PollyP at 03/15/2012 11:23
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3 Answers
  • AlbertAzose
  • i got it! just cut de clip in parts not bigger than 2 min and save each part as a new project.. then put all the clips in one and only clip, and thats it... is a little anoying but it worked for me :)
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  • BrianHimlie
  • The solution for me (I got this exact same problem) was to (i) close every other program that might possibly have anything to do with my video clips, including Windows Explorer, and (ii) close and reopen Windows Live Movie Maker. Together, doing these two things resolved the problem. I hope it works for you too.

    By the way, I had a large project with maybe 25 video clips and several complex transition/effects, and it still saved fine for me after I did those things.

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