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Why doersnt maxthon cloud browser have extensions for bookmarks and passwordbox?

01/19/2016 23:58 by Phillip Stone

I was looking through the extensions of maxthon cloud browser and it doesnt have the fvd speed dial 3d book mark? It also doesnt have the extension for passwordbox manager?
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A:You can create a unique browser by installing Skins, Plugins, Filter Packs and etc. for Maxthon Browser. Generally, you can find and install...(more)

Q:What's the deal with missing images, pop-ups, and script errors?

A:Maxthon Browser has a build-in Ad Hunter which blocks popup windows & remove possible ads banners etc. by default. Thus some script file...(more)

Q:Does Maxthon Browser contain adware or spyware?

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Q:What do you think of Maxthon?

A:Maxthon is Dual Engine powered web browser. Fast, customizable, easy-to-use featured.

Q:How do I watch YouTube Videos on Maxthon Web Browser?

A:when installing flash player... ensure maxthon is not running else it may not get registered with the player. you need adobe flash player 9.....(more)

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