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Which one is better, Avast or Avira?

09/14/2011 07:19 by justsharon

First answer posted by Kiwinige at 09/14/2011 07:19
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5 Answers
  • Kiwinige
  • Avast Internet Security Solution
    Developing Advast Internet Security Software
    The Avast Internet security solution is developed and distributed by the ALWIL Software Company. ALWIL is based out of the Czech Republic. ALWIL developed Avast to work on all types of platforms. Avast works best on platforms running a Windows based operating system. ALWIL software developers are working to make Avast available for Linux and Mac operating systems. Avast has received the coveted VB100 percent award for catching all malicious code sent through the Avast security scans.

    Avira Internet Security Solution
    Developing the Avira Intenet Security Solution
    Avira is the #1 security software developer in Germany and is seen as one of the pioneers in Internet security solutions in Europe. Although Avira provides a home and small office version of their highly rated Avira Internet security suite, their expertise is in providing high-end security solutions for mainframes and enterprise level networks. Avira is the leader in providing security solutions for the Unix operating system and has created several of the security standards in place today.

    Expert Advice on Avira .vs Avast
    Computer Expert Writing Anti-virus Review
    The number one downside of using either of these Internet security solutions is the fact both companies are based in Europe. If the customer has an issue with a conflict on the computer after loading either security solution, the computer user must rely on email support, or hope a local tech shop knows something about the Avast or Avira security software. Both companies are highly respected worldwide. However, since both companies are located outside the USA or Great Britain, the privacy laws regarding personal data of these countries do not apply.
    Choose what you like.
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  • BrianHimlie
  • I'm using Avast. Avast is a very effective and free anti-virus program because it can do a boot time scan in safe mode and it will remove all viruses on your PC. Even those stubborn trojan viruses that hide inside the system restore folder.
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  • BrianHimlie
  • I prefer Avast. It runs very fast, require less system resources. It will protect your computer well.
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  • JonLuu
  • Well, I think both are good. Avira got too many pop ups. But they both can make your computer away from virus.
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  • JavyTechGuy
  • I used avira it is a good av and it didn't slow my computer But I didn't like their umbrella symbol on my system tray. I like avast spinning balls and avira free version doesn't have rootkit protection but avast free version has. So both are good, just pick up one.
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