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Where Is Windows Picture & Fax Viewer Located?

10/31/2011 03:30 by ThomasOakes

First answer posted by Kimplex at 10/31/2011 03:30
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1 Answers
  • Kimplex
  • Finding Windows Picture & Fax Viewer on your own is tricky for two reasons: the utility typically opens on its own whenever you need it, and Windows gave it a terrible name that makes it impossible to find.

        Computer Systems

            Windows XP includes Windows Picture & Fax Viewer. This program is not included as part of other versions of Windows.


            Finding Windows Picture & Fax Viewer is tricky, according to, since the program goes by the awkward name of "shimgvw." Search for "shimgvw" using the "Search" function from the Start menu.


            Since Windows Picture & Fax Viewer is the default program to open images and faxes on your computer, double-clicking on any image or fax will open the program automatically. Most users will find this the easiest way to access the program.
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