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Where does FileZilla store all its sites and settings?

09/02/2011 06:29 by maxkitty

First answer posted by PPrashanth at 09/02/2011 06:30
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4 Answers
  • PPrashanth
  • The location of FileZilla's settings directory depends on your operating system. On most systems, sites and settings are stored in the ~/.filezilla directory. The odd exception is Windows, where the settings are stored in the %APPDATA%/FileZilla directory.
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  • Anonymous user
  • Path to Filezilla through -> Run search then type %appdata%, hit enter and find filzilla folder OR the path will be smth like this on windows


    Look for the file sitemanager.xml. Tehre is everything you need. :)
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  • Anonymous user
  • On the Apple:


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  • Anonymous user
  • what about in windows 10?
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