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When I capture from a youtube video and i press stop, then go the find them in the captures folder, they are not there.

11/19/2012 03:04 by Marcus62

and idk if this has to do with it but it says its goin to C:\Program Files\The KMPlayer\Capture\
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Q:Can I see the embed subtitle of MKV on KMPlayer?

A:If you are watching this movie online, re-search for a new subtitle. Right-click the screen. Go to Open > Go to Load Subtitle (more)

Q:What do you think of KMPlayer?

A: KMPLAYER is a movie and Audio Player that supports a wide range of codecs and file formats, It has full VCD/DVD playback functionality.(more)

Q:i am not able to watch any kind of videos or movies in KMPlayer only can hear sounds

A:Go to kmp and right-click -> Video advanced -> Video renderer and select VMR9 Renderless, EVR or EVR C/A. Go to kmp and Preferences (F2...(more)

Q:When i play videos in km player video quality isnot clear including hd can i solve this problem?

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Q:Why do the subtitles on KMPlayer go asynchronous all the time?

A:you should check the fps(e.g. 23.976, 25) if subtitles synchronized for different fps you had time shift.

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