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What Karaoke sing along with a few people up?

10/28/2011 06:57 by wawaslope

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Q:Is it possible to use my karaoke mic as a mic for my computer?

A:The mic amplifier in your computer doesn't produce enough juice to power your large karaoke microphone. It's more suited to be used with a ver...(more)

Q:A good karaoke software to remove vocals ?

A:There is no such program at any price. They all work on the same principle, are only effective on some song tracks, and always degrade the...(more)

Q:What do you think of Karaoke 5?

A:It's an Excellent Player and Creator of file Karaoke K5 MID KAR KFN WMA MP3 CDG.

Q:What is the best home karaoke system to buy that isn't too expensive?

A:Magic Microphone is the best and the easiest to use and setup. They have a huge library of music and you can add more music anytime. (more)

Q:How can I transfer my Karaoke discs to harddisk?

A:If the machine will play karaoke from a USB thumb drive (some will play only mp3 files from these drives) you would need to rip the song t...(more)

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Excellent Player and Creator of file Karaoke K5 MID KAR KFN WMA MP3 CDG.
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