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What Is The Windows Picture & Fax Viewer Options?

10/31/2011 03:30 by ScottHamman

First answer posted by JPhillippy at 10/31/2011 03:30
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1 Answers
  • JPhillippy
  • Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is a program included as part of the Windows operating system on your computer. The program allows you to work with image files imported to the computer from a scanner, fax machine, digital camera, a mobile phone or other device. By default, Windows will save your pictures and other image files to the My Pictures folder for viewing. When viewing an image you can double click on it, which opens the file automatically in picture and fax viewer.

    General Features

        Windows Picture and Fax Viewer allow you to preview and change the images stored on your machine by using icons at the bottom of the screen or through keyboard commands. Placing your cursor over an icon gives a description of its function. Options include scrolling to the left or right through your images, zooming in and out and viewing a reduced or enlarged version with the ability to return to actual size. Images may be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust orientation and a delete feature allows removal of unwanted pictures as you work. The program will print images or save them to a separate location of your choice. Once finished working with your images, a slide show option automatically scrolls through your pictures with the ability to pause and restart, or further navigate the files.

    Fax and TIFF Files

        Fax and TIFF image files are generally the same in that they allow you to place notations on the image you are viewing. Windows Picture and Fax Viewer supports this function, called the annotation feature, whenever a supported file is opened. The program gives you the option of using the cursor to drawing straight lines and boxes around important sections of the image, highlight portions of the file or draw lines freehand. In addition, the program provides a text entry feature and allows you to place notes on the image. The annotation portion of the program also allows multiple page image scrolling and flipping of pages 90 degrees at a time. Annotation features may be utilized by using the cursor with some limited ability provided through keyboard shortcuts.

    Additional Features

        You can activate other useful features of Windows from the picture and fax viewer, such as the desktop background option. Right clicking on any image will reveal a box with the choice to save the current picture from your viewer as a background. Images stored through picture and fax viewer in the My Pictures folder may be automatically scrolled through when your screen saver function is activated. This task is accomplished by choosing the screen saver option within the control panel and selecting My Picture Slideshow from the list.
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