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What is the difference when buying windows 7 from upgrade and full?

10/28/2011 09:18 by KevinHan

Right now I have Windows Xp and I thought it was time to upgrade my computer to Windows 7 but when i looked for the operating system there were posts that said Windows 7 Ultimate - Upgrade and Windows 7 Ultimate - Full. Is the upgrade only for Vista? Which one should i get?
First answer posted by BrianHimlie at 10/28/2011 09:19
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1 Answers
  • BrianHimlie
  • First, don't get Ultimate - go for professional. Unlike XP and Vista the top versions do not have features that a home user really wants. There are no added goodies you want and performance is the same. Basically the difference is with Upgrade you must have an existing license for a Windows OS. Since you have XP then you are good to go. The downside is if you have to reinstall it is a little more difficult. Especially if you want to move it to another PC. You can do "clean" install (format your machine and then install through custom install) but takes a few tricks. Full install doesn't require an existing O/S but it will let a person upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. There is no direct XP upgrade regardless of the edition you buy.
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