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What is the best rar password recovery software?

09/07/2011 08:04 by JohnEverard

I've tried many recovery software to recover my password. one of them helps me retrieve my password. But I forgot which one did the trick. Many recovery software are fake programs. So can anyone share me with your experience? Which rar password recovery software that you've tried and worked? Thanks a lot.
First answer posted by JGebauer at 09/07/2011 08:04
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10 Answers
  • Anonymous user
  • When I have forgotten my RAR password, a friend suggested me use Ainorsoft Password Recovery Bundle to recover lost my Yahoo password quickly! You can search it and have a try!

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  • JGebauer
  • I have tired many recovery software too. But none of them work. is there a real rar password recovery program?
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  • marionsalmonhedges
  • RAR Password Recovery 5.0 recovers passwords for RAR archives created with WinRAR, RAR or any other RAR-compatible software.

    Forgetting a password for an archive created long time ago is a common annoyance. RAR Password Recovery helps you to get your data back.

    Advanced dictionary attack, brute-force attack, and advanced brute-force with mask attack are used to recover the password. 

    This software is easy to install and easy to use. All you need to do to recover your password is just to drag and drop your file to the program window. Dictionary attack supports 'mistypes' and additional user dictionaries.

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  • JoeStewart
  • RAR Password Recovery 1.1 RC17- a powerful tool to recover lost (forgotten) passwords:

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  • JonLuu
  • RAR Password Recovery Magic will help.

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  • Anonymous user
  • Top 10 Professional Windows Data Recovery Software
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  • Anonymous user
  • Hey This is Mohammed from India. I am using the Windows 8 OS unfortunately i forgot my password which i put in resident evil 6 i try so many products but it not resulting me. so i here to know about this

    Pls Anybody know contact me : at Facebook...........

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  • Anonymous user
  • Check the link advance pass recovery
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  • Anonymous user
  • Recently, I have been passed through with same situation, I lost password of RAR file, then I discussed this with my friend, he suggested me GSTECH RAR Password Recovery SOftware, trustme, it gave a instant response and I open locked RAR file quickly,even I did not tell anybody that I got stucked in problem, only I got solution, but here I want to suggest to everybody this relevant RAR unlocker technology.
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  • Anonymous user
  • Bro, what the f ia wrong with everyone? Just say the fcking truth: can it be cracked or not? And where the f is there a reliable software to crack a file? 

    I forgot the password of this rar file.  

    I would also pay someone crack that sheet for me, if there would exist someone reliable who actually can do what he promises. 

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