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What Are the Features of Microsoft Works?

11/17/2011 11:18 by JohnEverard

First answer posted by pmacdonald at 11/17/2011 11:18
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1 Answers
  • pmacdonald
  •     Word Processing

            Microsoft Works may be best known as a word processing tool. The software allows you to create letters, resumes, greeting cards and other documents. It includes templates you can customize and a dictionary to check your spelling. A mail merge feature makes it easy to print invitations to a party or send out a newsletter to your church group.


            The spreadsheet tool included in Microsoft Works 9 enables you to develop a personal budget or plan home improvement projects. Spreadsheets created in Works 9 are compatible with Microsoft Excel. Tasks lists and templates in the Works projects tool help you organize your projects. The software also includes recordkeeping tools.

        Scheduling And Contacts

            You can create calendars in Microsoft Works 9 and link up to 32 schedules, allowing you to anticipate potential conflicts. Import a calendar from your favorite sports team's website to put its games on your agenda. You can also create a database of the contact information for your family and friends.

        RAM And Space Requirements

            You need 256MB of RAM or more to run Microsoft Works 9 on Windows XP. Make sure you have 1GB of available RAM or more for Windows Vista Home Basic. You will require 1.5GB of RAM or more for Windows Vista Home Premium, Business or Ultimate.

            To install the software on Windows XP, you need 470MB of available hard disk space. That amount increases to 860MB for Windows Vista.
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