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what are Hints & Tricks for Apple Mail?

11/24/2011 03:14 by KatyAmeglio

First answer posted by tdintx at 11/24/2011 03:14
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2 Answers
  • tdintx
  • Viewing Options
    You can optimize your viewing options in Apple Mail. You can thread your email messages together if they have a common link or bond between them. This feature will highlight all related email messages if you just click on one. Head to Preferences and click on Viewing. There, check the message threading option. For instance, if you have sent people a group email and they reply, clicking on just one reply will highlight all others.

    Setting up rules with regard to how you want Apple Mail to handle incoming email can be a time-saver. Apple Mail allows you to set up rules that filter emails in such a way that ones from the same email address head to the same folder. This filtering system can be as complicated or as simple as you like. To establish a rule, go to Preferences, Rules and then Add. You can also set up rules to apply retroactively to emails.

    Smart Mailboxes
    You can group specific messages together if they fit certain criteria. Unlike with rules, the smart mailboxes feature does not move emails, but keeps them in their original location. Smart mailboxes are able to include messages from any email folder, including from the sent folder. Remember that if you edit an email message when it is in a smart mailbox, you will also be changing the way that the original email appears. To set up a smart mailbox, go to Mailbox and choose New Smart Mailbox.

    Dealing with Spam
    In Apple Mail's Preferences, you can set your program to deal with spam more effectively. Click Junk Mail and check the top box to turn on filtering. Then decide what you want Apple Mail to do when spam email comes along. If you are not a recipient of that much spam, you are advised to just keep the top choice selected, according to Tech Radar. This trick is useful for people who are careful not to give their email address out, but for whom some spam still finds its way into their inbox.
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