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What Are Class B IP Addresses?

11/22/2011 02:40 by justsharon

First answer posted by JavyTechGuy at 11/22/2011 02:40
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2 Answers
  • JavyTechGuy
  • The Internet Protocol ensures that data sent over the Internet reaches the right place. It uses an IP address that acts like a mailing address. These addresses were originally divided into blocks belonging to different classes. Large networks received a class A address block, medium networks a class B and other networks a class C. There are about 65,000 class B network blocks, each consisting of a little over 16,000 addresses.


    IPv4 addresses are 32-bit binary numbers.

    An IP address uniquely identifies each computer attached to the Internet. The current version, IPv4, uses a 32-bit binary number. This gives over four billion possible addresses but, astonishingly, in early 2011 the world ran out of new IPv4 addresses. IPv4 addresses are usually expressed in dotted-decimal form, four numbers (from 1 to 255) separated by periods. For instance is an IP address from private address space, that is, addresses that are used within a private or corporate network rather than on the Internet itself.


    IP Address Classes

    In the original design, IPv4 addresses were "classful" -- divided into blocks of addresses with each network in the Internet assigned a different block. These blocks belonged to one of four classes, depending on how many computers were expected to be in that network. Class A networks were the biggest, with about 16 billion addresses; class B had about 65,000, and class C had 256. Class D was set aside for something called multicasting. You could have two million separate networks.


    The binary IP address determines which class it belongs to.

    You can work out which class an IP address is in by looking at the first number in the address. If the number is 127 or less, then the address is in class A. If the number is in the range 128 to 191, it's in class B, and if it's in the range 192 to 223, it's in class C. If you write the numbers out as an 8-bit binary number, then class A addresses begin with 0, class B's begin with 10, and class C's begin with 110. Thus, is a class B address since 170 is 10101010 in binary.


    Classless Addressing

    In 1993 the IETF introduced Classless Inter-Domain Routing to try to avoid address exhaustion. In CIDR, addresses are split arbitrarily, according to how large the network is. This is indicated using slash notation, for example The number after the slash is the number of bits available for addresses in the network. This allows you to calculate how big the network is -- 256 computers in the example. CIDR addresses use a sub-net mask to blank out the initial bits of the address. In our example, the sub-net mask would be

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  • laksha
  • Ip address range is separated by classes.Class starts from A to E.Each class contains certain range .class B contains (Netid.Netid.hostid.hostid) : to . The ip address which is in between 128 to 191 are called as Class B ip addresses. Its range is common to both private and public ip addresses.To view your public ip address visit .
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