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Voice Recognition Software That Is Compatible With a Mac

11/23/2011 08:20 by SaideeDay

First answer posted by SandraMerz at 11/23/2011 08:20
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2 Answers
  • SandraMerz
  • Dragon Dictate

    With Dragon Dictate, you can freely speak and the program will type everything for you in a notepad or other program of your choice---increasing productivity and taking the strain off of your hands from typing. Dragon Dictate also detects typos, which helps reduce errors when using the program. Dragon Dictate is available for the Mac for $199.00 per license, as of 2010. The software suite includes a USB headphone and microphone to easily get you started. You can also download the software directly from the official website after purchase.


    Voice on the Go

    Voice on the Go is software available for both Mac and Windows platforms. Voice on the Go is a hands-free access program which allows users to connect and dictate their computer remotely by using Bluetooth or another form of a microphone. With Voice on the Go you can send emails and update your calendars remotely. Each license of Voice on the Go costs $44.99, as of 2010, and is available for purchase online.


    Using Mac's Voice Recognition

    If you do not want to purchase software for your Mac that supports voice recognition, most Macs come with a default voice recognition program. You can enable and edit the settings of the voice recognition feature in your Mac by selecting "System Preferences" after clicking the Mac Apple icon in the top left of your computer's desktop. Choose the "Speech" icon to open the preferences and to begin working with the voice recognition program. You can use Mac's speech features as speech-to-text or to read Web pages aloud. You can also customize and set your preference to the voices the program uses.

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