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tips for transition adobe premiere cs4

01/16/2013 15:53 by Prem D Hyolmo

when playing two clips without transition in Adobe premiere CS4 I found that clips jerks.therefore when I used transition cross dissolve,I found the edges of clip. It makes the transition more horrible than jerking?
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Q:How do I get two projects open at once in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4?

A:I think you can't have two projects open simultaneously. You can, however, import one project into another.

Q:How can you split the image in Adobe Premiere Pro to have two clips run at the same time?

A:You can use picture in picture to create this effect - see this tutorial

Q:How to fade music in and out for montage with adobe premiere pro cs4?

A:I just figured this out for ya it's done with KEY FRAMES 1)move the timeline cursor to where you want the audio to start to fade out 2)...(more)

Q:How to edit a video in Photoshop through Adobe Premiere?

A:Using Premiere, you can directly to edit video and make your video, why use Photoshop?

Q:How do you transfer an Adobe Premiere Pro project over to Final Cut Pro?

A:I don't know premiere very well- but FInal Cut Pro will take an XML or EDL if premiere can spit one out. This can be very hit and miss though-...(more)

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