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Straighten Teeth in Photoshop

02/20/2012 09:07 by wawaslope

First answer posted by happymom at 02/20/2012 09:07
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1 Answers
  • happymom
    1. Open an image
    2. Zoom in on your teeth, select Magnetic Lasso Tool or Polygonal Lasso Tool and drag the cursor around the edge of the teeth and gums to the left of the gap so that the selection area snaps to the outline of the bridge
    3. Press Ctrl+j, you will get a new layer with the selection teeth area. Go to Edit>Tranforms>Scale or press Ctrl+t, then adjust the size and proportion of your teeth and press Enter when finish
    4. If you want to continue to fix another teeth, go back to your first image layer then repeat the second and third step respectively
    5. You can you Smudge Tool to blended your teeth edge if it look too sharp and look
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