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Recommended Laptops for Autodesk

11/17/2011 06:55 by ThomasOakes

First answer posted by JavyTechGuy at 11/17/2011 06:55
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1 Answers
  • JavyTechGuy
  • Autodesk is known for its 2-D and 3-D design software for use in architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media and entertainment. Two of the company's flagship products are the CAD software called AutoCAD and the 3-D animation software Maya. Recommended laptops for Autodesk must have at least the following specifications: 2.4 GHz processor, 2GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce graphics card or its equivalent and 7,200 RPM hard drive with 100GB free space.

    Macbook Pro

    Available as 13-inch, 15-inch or 17-inch laptops, Apple's Macbook Pro is one of the most commonly used laptops for professional use in media, imaging and 3-D modeling work. The most affordable Macbook Pro offerings already boast of more than 2GHz of processor and 2GB of RAM, which is usually expandable up to 8GB.

    The Macbook Pro is frequently used by independent filmmakers, commercial movie makers, architects, photographers and designers. It is an ideal laptop for image production, building of 3-D models and live action and animation movie projects for professional programs like Maya, AutoCAD, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Photoshop.

    Sony VAIO

    The Sony VAIO generally offers high-end technical specifications geared toward professional work for video and animation. While it features many models with varying technical specifications, even its low-end laptop models are generally equipped to work on graphics, animation and editing projects. The Sony VAIO line utilizes Intel Pentium Dual-Core processors, most of which have a Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4300 2.1GHz processor and 3GB of DDR2 system memory.

    Graphics on a Sony VAIO are displayed on a 15.5-inch diagonal high-definition--capable widescreen and are carefully handled by the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator graphics card. This laptop is also equipped with about 1,340MB total available graphics video memory, a VGA port, an HDMI port and an HD audio support.

    HP Smart Buy EliteBook

    With a processor speed of 2.5GHz and installed RAM of 2GB, the HP Smart Buy Elitebook combines the performance of a notebook with the flexibility of a tablet. Geared toward corporate, small business and professional use, this tablet PC features a 12.1-inch diagonal display with optional touch screen and a durable magnesium alloy case for convenient and practical use in various projects, including the making of 3-D models, image enhancements, video editing and animation.

    The EliteBook is equipped with the applicable ports and connectivity options needed for fast data transfer, including FireWire/i.LINK, USB and Bluetooth.




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