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My friend says he's not on line on skype.. but his skype says he is. Is he or is he not?

02/20/2012 06:50 by jill1963

skype says he was on line and I even hit the video call and it was circling , then it went off line...
First answer posted by NataliaPeterson at 02/20/2012 06:54
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10 Answers
  • NataliaPeterson
  • He might not online. or he was just offline but skype haven't detected that yet.

    You should check if he is online or not after refresh your skype friends.

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  • Anonymous user
  • Hey did you figure this one out?  Because each time i sign into skype it tells me friends are online, but the instant I message them it updates to say they are signed out.  so basically i have to send a message first to see if someone's actually online.


    I also have contacts who show offline even when they are on.  Skype is full of bugs.


    Did you figure it out?

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  • Anonymous user
  • My fiance appears often as "active" on Skype, late at night when we are apart, after he texts me saying "goodnight, going to bed," or times he said he's golfing, or doing something else .  Then I get the pop up notice in screeen corner saying...._____ is online!  I call him when I see the online notice, but of course, he doesn't answer.  He's just told me he's somewhere else.  The previous answers don't really answer this question:  Can Skype give the "online" notice if someone is not actually online, or, are they actually online?  Why can't Skype techs answer this question rather than confused Skype users?
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  • Anonymous user
  • That sux for you, because you don't know if it's the skype bug or your fiance coming online.  Skype has recently started showing a friend I always chat to online constantly, even when he is offline.  It is VERY annoying because there is no indication of whether he is there or not ever. 
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  • Anonymous user
  • In our company we have got the same problem.

    Some people are showing as 'online' but they aren't online.


    (I checked their pc, phone and ipad) .. 

    I am the system engineer, so expect that i can handle those devices.


    Does anyone has already a resolution for this ?


    Skype version: 

    Windows version: 7 SP1

    Pc 1 system administrator : Domain pc

    Pc 2 user: Domain pc

    Pc 3 user : Standalone


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  • Anonymous user
  • click on any of your contacts and in the chat box type these two system commands:




    this will show you how many "endpoints" or devices Skype has determined you're "online" (even if you aren't. I just tried this and my Android tablet showed up, where I have Skype installed but have never used it there.)


    then type/remotelogout


    and Skype will log out of all other devices except the one you're using.


    Now try and get all your contacts to do that, too.
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  • Anonymous user
  • i have a problem in Skype. My friends on contact showing is online where actually they are offline... please help me in this regards.. pl send me the procedures for the rectification of said problem on my email address
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  • Anonymous user
  • My friend skpy not conect to my skype how to check onlion
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  • Anonymous user
  • oh hell no its not true he is on its just he is probably fucking some chick without u 
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  • Anonymous user
  • I had someone appear on my contact list whom I have not spoken to in 40 years.  They appear online and offline at times on my computer but I have never spoken to this person nor did I ever contact this person.  Is this person reaching out to me?  Can't figure out how he got in my contacts and also why his notiication pops up on my computer when I've never even had a conversation with him.  Anyone know what's up with that?
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