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My desktop background is zoomed in when i log on my computer?

02/21/2012 02:33 by maxkitty

I have set all these: stretch, Tiled, Center. but the background image is zoomed in when I log on my computer?
First answer posted by JavyTechGuy at 02/21/2012 02:36
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4 Answers
  • JavyTechGuy
  • i have the same problem and the thing is that since I got My computer i haven't changed the background. At first it was fine but then i noticed that it zoomed in when i logged in
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  • AlbertAzose
  • same problem happens when i try to change a screen image.
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  • NataliaPeterson
  • One of the issues could be that the size of the image (resolution) is much larger then your computers screen. You can try resizing the image with some free online image optimizer if you want.

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  • Anonymous user
  • I had this, and stumbled onto the solution. Sounds weird but it works.

    Right click on desktop -> arrange icons by -> show desktop icons. My wallpaer zoomed right out when I did this. (the wallpaper picture was zoomed very close giving the illusion the icons were there but inaccessible)

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