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lost password acer aspire one

12/17/2012 09:21 by foyso

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Q:What are special keys in PC Wizard?

A: F3 : to search if a path has been installed. Just enter the Microsoft KB reference.  F5 : to refresh information.  F10 : to ...(more)

Q:PC Wizard and Other BIOS Displays Inconsistent?

A:There is obviously something going wrong, either you have downloaded faulty programs or something is out of date. Try updating you BIOS and ye...(more)

Q:How to remove PCWizard?

A:Go to Control Panel - Add/remove Programs and choose PC Wizard.  Click on Add/Remove button and follow the instructions.(more)

Q:PC Wizard is freezing while running?

A:Try this: Launch application with Debug Mode (hold down the ESC key until the SplashScreen appears). A new file will be created (C:\pcwdbg.lo...(more)

Q:When RAM size recognized by PC Wizard is different with Windows??

A:Whenever you add a memory stick to laptop, drag out other stick and the battery. Then insert them together to your laptop. After done, install...(more)

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