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Is there any keylogger to monitors incoming and outgoing files from a computer?

08/28/2013 08:54 by oliviaellaschweitzer

My aunt has just opened a coffee shop and there’s a lot important information on the computer for cashier. I think the best way is to apply cash-register system and make it normalized and systematized. But it seems my aunt doesn’t want to spend much money on a POS at the moment and I don’t know where she gets to know keylogger, thinking that installing a keylogger may help to monitor incoming and outgoing files from a computer so that she can know whether anyone will try to steal critical data. I have little knowledge about keylogger, after searching from google I get to know Myjad Keylogger and it’s very popular online. Is it a trustful one and shall I suggest this to my aunt? Anyone who knows keylogger well can give me more advice? Many thanks!
First answer posted by Anonymous user at 05/13/2017 06:02
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4 Answers
  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
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