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Is the iPod shuffle 2nd gen an good music player for my flight to Boston in June?

08/29/2011 06:33 by daisy_8194

I bought an iphone 3g from my friend but I can't sync songs from my computer now because of the different librarys. Is the iPod shuffle 2nd generation an good product? I know it's small and has no screen but will it last long if I keep it good?
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Q:What can I do to help my Ipod shuffle songs better?

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Q:How can you stop your ipod shuffle from skipping between songs

A:One thing you could do is forward da song...dis is a really tough question...i would go to a local radio shack or where you purchased da ipod.(more)

Q:Is there any difference between an iPod shuffle and the iPod shuffle V3?

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Q:What is the difference between an ipod shuffle 2nd generation and an ipod shuffle 3rd generation?

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Q:How to transfer music from your computer to the shuffle?

A:The only way to add or manage music on an iPod Shuffle is with iTunes. Download it here for free: Ins...(more)

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