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I have the message "Error in ASIO Sound Driver"

07/19/2011 09:04 by ThomasOakes

First answer posted by SallyWhittaker at 07/19/2011 09:07
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6 Answers
  • SallyWhittaker
  • It means that the last time VDJ was run, the soundcard drivers were set to ASIO but VirtualDJ can\'t find these ASIO drivers now.
    This could be because your soundcard:
    - is curently NOT set to ASIO
    - is curently not connected (in the case of an external soundcard) or detected by the computer (having been uninstalled or became defective)
    This message could also appear because:
    - Another soundcard has been installed, becoming the main audio device of the computer.
    - You installed a more recent version of VDJ that somehow cannot use the settings saved by your previous version.
    - VirtualDJ saved settings have been altered or deleted.
    1 - Start by checking the settings of your soundcard using the card\'s control panel. Decide which audio configuration you want to use and make the appropriate settings (if possible)
    2- Open VirtuallDJ, and nevermind the error message you may get regarding your soundcard. Go to the audio setup page, and configure according to your needs.
    3- Once your audio configuration is correct, close VirtualDJ, then launch it again. Normally, VirtualDJ should remember your configuration and start WITHOUT any error messages.
    IF you do get error messages, check everything again from the beginning.

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  • NataliaPeterson
  • How about a better run down of your settings.
    1. What is selected and checked on the Config -> Soundcard Setup tab?
    2. What are the settings in the Config -> Performance tab?
    3. What are the settings you have selected in the Timecode Setup?
    4. What is the driver version you are using for the soundcard?
    5. And since you are using TCCDs which file did you download and burn - Pro or Commercial?
    With all the appropriate information that influences a sound card's capabilities we might be able to help better.
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  • DanielSimon
  • Which controller do you have, which OS do you have. Make shure that you have the controller set to asio instead of wdm.
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  • JavyTechGuy
  • You should test if your low cost USB hub works better on DJ Console Rmx when you replace its power supply with the power supply of the better hub, your problem may be due to a not very good power adapter. If the low cost hub becomes OK with the power supply of the better hub, then buying a good power adapter regulated is half the price of replacing your hub.
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  • KeithCorbin
  • what u46 driver are you using? I'm not sure of the difference between the original u46 and the mixvibes version other then the color. What are your settings? and do you get an error?
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  • Anonymous user
  • dj control mp3 le

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