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I have a table that identifies Work Packages (i.e., WP 01 = Structrual, WP 02 = Civil, WP 03 = Electrical, etc..). I want to associate many WP#'s to each exisiting record currently in my database.

08/22/2012 13:53 by gbullo

In the records I currently have in my database, each record (engineering drawing) belongs to a specific disclipline.

My current reports show a listing (several hundred) of drawings and now engineering wants to see a column that shows the accociated Work package # for each drawing. However, there are often many WP #'s that is accosiated with each drawing.

Can i create a separate table of Work Packages then simply associate many of the WP#'s to each record separated by a comma or some other deliminator so it will show in my queries as one record with many WP#'s referenced?
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