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I can't find my adobe photoshop starter edition 3.2 - how do I retrieve my photos?

03/04/2012 09:28 by angie levasseur

I had all my photos stored on adobe photoshop starter edition 3.2, and organized in albums, and all of a sudden I can't find it anywhere? How do I retrieve or find it?
First answer posted by Kimplex at 03/07/2012 09:30
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3 Answers
  • Kimplex
  • I'm afraid that the images exist in self-contained catalogs only.

    Certainly there is some very big folder ful lof JPEGs on your hard drive. The default path for Adobe stuff is always My Files\My Images\Adobe, so search there. and of course, if you know the name of one of the images, a conventional Windows search will turn it up.

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  • Artemaria
  • Transfer the old pictures to photoshop
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  • JoeStewart
  • adobe photoshop starter edition comes to the end.
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