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I can't download it, while it said it is ready to install, it saids it got some error.

11/07/2012 05:20 by CY Music

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A:Yes. Go to the "File" Menu and then "Export" -> "Project Bones", this will save your project bones in a folder. And then, export the scores...(more)

Q:How exactly do you import music from youtube in fl studio demo?

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Q:How to imprort music loops into Fl studio 9 xxl producer edition?

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Q:How do you control how long a note is sustained in FL Studio when using an Midi Keyboard with a pedal?

A:I haven't found a way to create that effects with midi keyboard. The notes will fade out like a piano if you use a piano patch. this depends o...(more)

Q:How to play the frets and strum the guitar on FL Studio?

A:I tried for years to simulate a guitar through FL Studio. I never could, but you could download a demo of Guitar Pro 6. It has many rad midi ...(more)

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