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How to View Relationships With the Relationship Builder in Access 2003

11/16/2011 09:44 by KatyAmeglio

First answer posted by JThompson at 11/16/2011 09:44
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1 Answers
  • JThompson
    1. Open Microsoft Access 2003 on your computer by clicking on the icon on the desktop of your computer.

    2. Close all tables. Click "Open" under the File menu to open a database window.

    3. Click the Relationships icon in the toolbar (or choose "Relationships" from the Tools menu). The Relationships window will open. If you have any relationships established, you will see images representing the tables that are related. The relationships are indicated by a line drawn from a field in one table to the related field in another. If no relationships are established, the window is empty.

    4. If you make any changes to the relationships, save your changes by clicking on "Save" in the File menu before you close the program.

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