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How to use Manycam with Tinychat?

09/21/2011 09:23 by MikeChin

how to use Manycam with Tinychat to add effects to my webcam?
First answer posted by JGebauer at 09/21/2011 09:23
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8 Answers
  • JGebauer
  • Plug in your Manycam first.

    Then start the Tinychat application.

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  • PollyP
  • How to use ManyCam:
    1. Launch ManyCam
    2. Double-click the ManyCam tray icon to open the ManyCam Options window. Here you can choose a video source (typically a web-camera) and apply various graphical effects and filters to the output picture.
    3. Choose “ManyCam Virtual Webcam” as your primary Webcam in the application where you wish to use ManyCam. This can be usually done in the settings window of a webcam application, for example, with Camfrog Video Chat go to the "actions" menu and choose "settings" then "video".
    4. From now on when you start this application, ManyCam will be automatically started. If you no longer want to use ManyCam you can go back to your program's video settings and change the video source.
    Then login your tinychat, enter a room.
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  • KeithCorbin
  • I'm trying to use manycam with tinychat. 

    everything went fine before. But today I got a message "cant connect to video source. Please check another video capture device."

    There are two options to click on tinychat: Manycam and Logitech. Manycam works well without on tinychat. What should I do?

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  • PPrashanth
  • I have installed Manycam and it Works fine.

    But Manycam doesn't show up on the list of tinychat options?

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  • NataliaPeterson
  • TO PPrashanth: reboot your computer and check again.

    Open up manycam when you choose it as tinychat cam and pick an option on manycam.

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  • Anonymous user
  • I have done everything I could, I can not find a way to get Manycam to show up in Tinychat, I also cant find it in Adobe settings It just wont show up. I have it opened and everything it just NEVER shows up, Btw I am on a mac and I heard that may have something to do with it. Please HELP!
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  • Jimi44rr
  • I recommend to use SplitCam with Tinychat
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  • Anonymous user
  • I can't get manycam to work using an iMac, even with rebooting the computer several times after downloading, clearing all files of the manycam application, redownloading, rebooting the computer, and opening tinychat and TRYING to select it as a websource...I still can't manage to get it to work.
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