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How to use Flash Player with Google Chrome?

08/17/2011 11:06 by KCornell

Unable to view Flash content online. How to get Flash Player to turn on? Must to install the latest version of Flash Player in Google Chrome?
First answer posted by JavierSanchez at 08/17/2011 11:09
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7 Answers
  • JavierSanchez
  • No, you don't have to download new versions of Flash Player.
    Chrome automatically updates when new versions of Flash Player are available, to protect users with the latest security updates. 
    Select “About Google Chrome” under the Tools menu to verify that your Chrome browser is up-to-date.
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  • NataliaPeterson
  • If you can’t view flash content, it's possible that you could have disabled Flash Player in Chrome. To re-enable it:
    • Type “about:plugins” (without the quotation marks) into the address bar at the top of a Chrome browser window.
    • Click “Details” at the upper-right corner of the page.
    • Find the “Flash” (or “Shockwave Flash”) listing on the Plug-ins page and click the corresponding “Enable” button.
    • Close all Chrome windows and restart the browser.
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  • Kimplex
  • I can't view flash content online too. I'm using internet explorer not chrome. hope you guys got a solution for enable ie flash.
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  • AlbertAzose
  • HI, Kimplex. Here you go:
    1. Open Internet Explorer.
    2. Set the security setting to the medium default level as this will allow you to view flash content. To access this option, navigate to Tools > Internet Options > Security.
    3. Set "Download Signed ActiveX Controls" and "Run ActiveX Controls and Plug ins" to "Prompt" if you choose to set your security at a custom level. To do so, follow this path: Open Internet Explorer, navigate to Tools > Internet Options > Security > ActiveX Controls > Plug ins.
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  • JGebauer
  • My chrome is automatically play the flash files. just make sure you have installed windows media player. And set it as the default media player will work.
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  • Anonymous user
  • man, just ditch internet explorer - it's such a bloated and slow browser compared to chrome.

    Besides that, you're safer browsing with chrome anyway because it innately uses a process of virtualization - so malicious spyware and such is confined to just the browser.  This design is also sometimes called a sandbox, alluding to the concept of the mess staying within the box - and not getting to your pc.

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  • matsclock
  • Google chrome automatically enables flash player plugin. If you have disabled it or some other software has disabled it then click on the spanner icon on top right of google chrome and click on the "Tools" and select "Extensions" See if you have any thing disabled and then enable it. If you see that flash player has crashed then please restart the browser and everything should return to normal. If Flash player is not installed then Google chrome should automatically ask you to download the missing plug in. Do so to view flash movies. Here is a page with some flash files embedded for you to test the flash player plug in
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