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How to Use Autotune on Cool Edit Pro?

07/19/2011 09:25 by KCornell

First answer posted by SallyWhittaker at 07/19/2011 09:30
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8 Answers
  • SallyWhittaker
  • 1. Download the Autotune plugin from the Autotune download page. When it is finished downloading, open up the file and complete the install.
    2. Open Cool Edit Pro. Navigate to the "Effects" panel on the left side of the program. Autotune will be listed among the effects. Double-click "Autotune" to apply this effect to your track and open up the Autoune settings window.
    3. Adjust the Autotune settings. Use the "Input" option to change the frequency range of your sound source. Use the "Key" option to select the key of your recording.
    4. Listen to your track. To make fine adjustments, select the "Autotune" effect again and use the "Retune," "Tracking" and "Scale Detune" knobs to alter how the effect is applied to the track. To get the "T-Pain" effect, change the key of the autotune altogether and adjust the "Retune" knob to a high setting. Adjust to taste.

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  • Anonymous user
  • where are the resources/auto tune?

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  • NataliaPeterson
  • Yeah, it should. Click on Effects > VST and it should be under there. If not, you gotta go to Effects > Add/Remove VST Directory and point it to the right place.
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  • Kimplex
  • Dont use a autotune its ruining hip hop, we dont need more
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  • JoeStewart
  • Get DX plugin. Record something, make sure you are in wav edit view..
    go up top were all your normal VST's and track editing stuff is like compression eq etc.... it will sit in one of the sub folders in there bout half way down
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  • Anonymous user
  • I have a bit of a problem with gettin autotune in cool edit Pro 2.1.. I tried so many times to get this plugin to work.. I tried this but couldnt use autotune.. I remember i refreshed the effect list, recorded a sample of my voice, and a pop up window Said somethin like: error try some different settings... I surfed and heard rumors on the internet that autotune aint reconizble with Windows 7... I need some help guys.. I really want autotune in cool edit.. I need someone to guide me step for step on how to get autotune in cool edit.. Thnxx

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  • Anonymous user
  • ok so i have the antares 3. something installed in my computer but everytime i bring it up to add so i would have to turn my computer off and reopen cool edit pro to play the song. whats wrong?
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  • Anonymous user
  • how do i get auto tune for cool edit
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