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How to Troubleshoot the Microsoft Access 2003 Software

11/16/2011 09:43 by Chrislo102

First answer posted by DanielSimon at 11/16/2011 09:43
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2 Answers
  • DanielSimon
    1. Check your computer's configuration to ensure that your system has adequate resources to run Microsoft Access 2003. Access 2003 requires Windows 2000, Windows XP, XP Professional, or the Vista operating system. Microsoft suggests a minimum of 128 MB of RAM running on a Pentium-233 or faster processor. Normal installations require a minimum of 20 GB of free hard disk space. Make adjustments to your computer if needed to ensure that it meets the system requirements.

    2. Click "Help" - "Activate Product", and enter your software product key using the activation link on the Internet. You must register and activate your software as a prerequisite for downloading updates and obtaining formal technical support from Microsoft if it is needed. Click "Help" - "Check for Updates" to download and install the latest updates for Access 2003. Check the Microsoft support web site for updates to Microsoft Office 2003 and your Windows operating system to ensure that these software files are also up to date.

    3. Click "Help" - "Microsoft Office Access Help", and enter the word "troubleshoot" in the search bar on the right panel of your screen. Browse the list of common problems and resolutions to see if your problem is documented and follow the recommendation for resolution if provided. If your problem is not listed, re-start your computer and run Microsoft Access without any other software programs running. Record any error messages you receive and note any other software programs that were running during the error.

    4. Search the Microsoft support web site for any information related to the specific error messages that you received, or software applications that you were running when the problem occurred. Click "Help" - "Contact Us" to contact Microsoft support directly if you cannot find a resolution documented on the Microsoft web site. Technical support options include email, telephone and on line chat. Provide your product number, computer system configuration information, and error message information as details for your inquiry.

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  • Anonymous user
  • i had office 2003 & 2007 software , but i could'nt open access 2003 , please let me know why???

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