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how to renew my IP address to repair local area connection?

03/16/2012 06:54 by wawaslope

First answer posted by PollyP at 03/16/2012 06:54
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4 Answers
  • PollyP
  • I have the same problem. My 'Local Area Connection' said that their is 'Limited or no connectivity'. I tried to repair the connection and a sub-window, named 'Repair Local Area Connection', popped up telling me, "Windows is taking the following actions: Renewing your IP address." After a little while the message changes to, "Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed: Renewing your IP address, For assistance, contact the person who manages your network."
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  • JPhillippy
  • How do you connect to the Internet? Broadband with a cable/DSL modem, a modem and a router, or a combination modem/router? Wired or wirelessly?
    Start troubleshooting by "power cycling" the modem and the router (if you have one).
    1. Unplug the modem.
    2. Unplug the router. Wait about 30 seconds.
    3. Now plug the modem back in. Wait until all the lights are on. If all the lights don't come on - if the DSL light is off or the Cable light is off - contact your Internet Service Provider.
    4. When the modem lights are back on, plug in the router.
    Now open up a browser and see if you have connectivity. If you do, you're done. If you don't and you have a modem and a router, plug the computer directly into the modem using an ethernet cable. If you have Internet connectivity, the router is probably bad. If you don't have Internet connectivity, call your ISP.
    There are other factors that may be involved - malware, incorrect network settings, etc. - but since you haven't given any details about your setup I can't address them. But starting with the power cycling is your first step.
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  • JGebauer
  • I'm having the same problem but my ISP said they couldn't help even though they tried. I was using a modem and tried to add a router for a laptop. After trying to add the router my pc was giving me the cannot renew my ip address message. My roommate can use his laptop with the modem/router combo but I can not get my pc working with the modem. What should I do?
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  • gtech
  • TThere are two types of ip address we are using 1)Static ip address 2)dyamic ip address If you have dynamic IP, then change your IP address by following the steps:- 1)Go to Start->Run->Cmd->Press Enter.. Type in "ipconfig/release" for Current IP address and then type "ipconfig/renew" for New IP address. 2)Either follow step 1 or Simply restart or unplug your modem/router . Doing either step 1 or 2 will change your Dynamic IP address. Visit to check your IP address is changed or not.

    If your ip address is static you can contact your service provider get the new ip address

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