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How to Reinstall HyperTerminal

11/23/2011 03:00 by wawaslope

First answer posted by KeithCorbin at 11/23/2011 03:00
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4 Answers
  • KeithCorbin
    1. Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Control Panel." Double-click "Add or Remove Programs."

    2. Click the button labeled "Add/Remove Windows Components." This opens a list of available Windows components on the system.

    3. Click the "Accessories and Utilities" option and then click "Details." In the details window, click "Communications." In this section, check the box labeled "HyperTerminal." Click "Next."

    4. Click "Finish" when the installation completes. The HyperTerminal files will be reinstalled on the computer.

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  • Can you help me what are the requirement to configure the hyper terminal..??
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  • Интернетддддд
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  • цкнуерппроо
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