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How to Refer to a Range Name in Excel

11/15/2011 07:22 by KevinHan

First answer posted by TommyB at 11/15/2011 07:22
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1 Answers
  • TommyB
    1. Start Microsoft Excel 2007 and open an existing workbook that contains range names that you would like to use in a formula.

    2. Click on the cell where you would like to enter a formula using one of the range names you have already identified.

    3. Begin typing the formula you want to use inside of the cell until you come to the part of the formula that requires you to reference a group of cells that you have created a range name for.

    4. Choose the "Formulas" tab to display the "Formulas" ribbon. Click the "Use in Formula" drop-down list button in the "Defined Names" category. You will see the range names that you have defined in your current Excel workbook.

    5. Select the range name that you would like to use in the formula you are typing. The range name will be inserted into the formula you are typing.

    6. Continue typing the rest of your formula. Press the "Enter" key when you are finished to enter the formula into Excel. The result of your calculation will now be displayed.

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