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How to Meet Girls on Runescape

10/26/2011 11:29 by ThomasOakes

First answer posted by DanielSimon at 10/26/2011 11:29
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2 Answers
  • DanielSimon
    1. Make sure your account name is presentable. If you signed up for Runescape in a silly mood and chose an account name like "Poopyhands69," it will not help you meet girls. If you are unsure about your account name, consider starting a new free account specifically for chatting.

    2. Watch your language. Obviously, the filters on Runescape will prevent some swearing, but many people still use unfriendly language in chat frequently. Watching your language means not swearing (even with asterisks), but also not saying other things that might be offensive.

    3. Be friendly and polite to strangers. You never know who is a girl on the Internet, so if you are rude to strangers, you may just have turned away a girl who would have talked to you. Some girls who play runescape do not choose female characters. Also, even if you are rude to a random guy, a girl who sees it might decide she doesn't want to talk to you because you are rude.

    4. Be sure that your chat channels are all open. It's hard to chat with girls if they can't talk to you! Click on the buttons below your main screen to toggle each channel to the green "ON" setting.

    5. Look for low-level female characters, and ask if they need help with any quests. Helping a girl with a quest is a great excuse to talk with her, and then you can ask her about herself.

    6. Once you meet a girl, be sure to add her to your friend list, so you can see when she's online again and find her easily. There's no point in meeting a girl online if you only talk once!

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