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How to Make Business Brochures on a Computer

11/18/2011 06:42 by justsharon

First answer posted by TommyB at 11/18/2011 06:42
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1 Answers
  • TommyB
    1. Decide the information that needs to be included within the brochure. The "type" and "amount" of information will determine the size of the document and thereby the number of folds in the brochure as well as the amount of space that might be left for graphics and white space. Continue editing and reworking the text until the exact wording for the brochure is worked out.

    2. Fold a piece of paper the same size as the intended brochure into the design shape to be used. The majority of business brochures are geared toward the standard three-fold brochure, which is an excellent place to begin. Using the information determined in Step 1 above, layout exactly "where" and "how" the text should be divided within the brochure. Leave the center fold panel on the front side of the brochure blank if it will be used as a self-mailer.

    3. Using a desktop publishing program, pull up the layout formats for a business brochure. There are generally several different layouts to choose from. Choose the layout that most closely mirrors the draft brochure mapped out in Step 2 above. Using that brochure format, plug in the verbiage as laid in the draft, using a common font style. It may be necessary to play around with the size of the font to be used, or even with color, in order to make the brochure both easy and pleasant to view. Continue to adjust, edit, and redesign the text part of the brochure until happy with the results.

    4. Examine the remaining white space in the brochure. This is where graphics can be used to enhance its beauty, make it more interesting to read, and give it a professional polish. However, a certain amount of white space needs to remain within the brochure in order to give the customer's eye a chance to rest in between the reading and absorption of each snippet of information. A good brochure is a mixture of text, graphics, and white space. Decide how much white space the laid out brochure should keep. This will have an impact on the graphics chosen in Step 5 below.

    5. Determine the graphics to be used in the brochure. This may be impacted somewhat upon the limitations of the desktop publishing program being used as well as the graphics available for use. Graphics include clip art, photos, logos, charts and graphs and/or photographs. Don't be afraid to mix graphics. A brochure doesn't have to be all clip art, photos, or charts and graphs. In fact, a mixture of graphics is often desired because it makes the brochure more interesting to read.If the desktop publishing program does not contain the type of graphics desired, search for alternative sources to obtain them. These might include separate graphics software packages or graphics that the business has on hand that can be scanned into the computer system for use.

    6. Scan graphics into the computer system, if required. Most desktop publishing programs will allow such scans to be pulled directly into the program.

    7. Plug graphics into the brochure layout once all graphics are in place and ready to be inserted. Play around with rotating, sizing, cutting, editing or even changing the the colors of the graphic design to make it fit within the space allowed. Don't forget to leave some white space between text and graphics. Photos may, at times, require explanation. If that is the case with the photos chosen, be sure to leave room to insert text explanation below the photo. Continue to adjust, edit and redesign until happy with the graphics as laid out in conjunction with the text and white space.

    8. Finalize the brochure by making any additional changes that might "accent" or draw more attention to the piece such as adding a colored background for the text, changing the color of the text, or using bold or italicized fonts to draw attention to key points. Continue to adjust, edit and redesign until happy with the total brochure layout.

    9. Print in high quality whether the brochure is in color or black and white.

    10. Distribute to family and friends for their input about what they liked and didn't like. Take their thoughts into consideration, if they seem valid, to adjust the final product according to Steps 8 and 9 above.

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