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How to Make a JPEG Slide Show

11/09/2011 18:37 by SaideeDay

First answer posted by DanielSimon at 11/09/2011 18:37
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1 Answers
  • DanielSimon
    1. Click the Windows orb button (formerly the start menu) then click "All Programs." Click "Windows Media Center."

    2. Scroll to up or down to "Pictures + Videos." If you've never used the Media Center before, you'll need to click "Continue" first and click the arrow button above "Express."

    3. Click "picture library."

    4. Click on "slide shows." Under "Actions," click "Create Slide Show."

    5. Enter a name for the slide show in the text box. Click "Next."

    6. Select the location to browse for media. Browse for the pictures to add to the slide show and select them. Click "Next."

    7. Click "Create" to create your slide show.

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