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How to Make a Brochure on Powerpoint

11/18/2011 06:42 by SaideeDay

First answer posted by Kimplex at 11/18/2011 06:42
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1 Answers
  • Kimplex
    1. When you open PowerPoint, the default slide appears. This is a slide with two stacked boxes; one for the title and one for the subtitle. If this is not the format you want to use, you can change it by clicking "Layout" and selecting a different format.

    2. Once you have the layout you desire, unless you are using special stock paper, select a background color and design. Click "Design." Three rows of different designs are available. Click on a design, and it will appear on your brochure immediately. If you don't like the selection, use the keys "Ctrl+Z" together to undo the selection.

    3. Choose an engaging text. Fonts within a design selection can be changed by double left mouse-clicking the font to see the font command menu.

    4. Be sure to periodically save your brochure in a location on your computer, portable storage drive or CD. This saves your work, should a problem arise, such as your computer shutting down due to a power outage.

    5. Incorporate "Smart Tools" to communicate your message in visually stimulating ways such as communication bubbles. If you want to use Smart Tools, the paragraph section has an icon to "Convert to SmartArt graphic." However, this function cannot be undone by "Ctrl+Z."

    6. Use text tools. Other ways to manipulate and arrange text are available within the paragraph tab. Text can be aligned in a variety of ways including horizontal, stacked, rotated 90 degrees, rotated 270 degrees, in 3-D format, outline style, shadow, text outline and text fill.

    7. Add artistic touches. For a brochure to which you want to add drawing, there is the option to use pre-designed shapes or free-hand drawing.

    8. Include attractive elements. Inserting tables, pictures, clip art or other media such as a hyperlink or chart is possible through the "Insert" menu. Pictures or clip art are a great way to add visual appeal to your brochure.

    9. Proofread your work thoroughly. Once you have the content you want on your brochure, make sure to run the spell check and save your work again when completed.

    10. Preview your final version carefully before printing. A print preview will give you an idea of how your finished brochure will look. If you are satisfied, you can proceed to the print option.

    11. Choose the right type of paper. If you are using special paper, make sure you load it properly so that your work prints on the correct side.

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