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How to Make a Brochure in PageMaker

11/18/2011 06:42 by ThomasOakes

First answer posted by lainib at 11/18/2011 06:42
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1 Answers
  • lainib
    1. Open up Adobe PageMaker and click on "File" and "New." A dialog box will open up.

    2. Select letter size paper from the pull down menu. Select wide under "Orientation." Make sure that "Double Sided" and "Facing Pages" are checked.

    3. Choose 2 pages in the "Number of Pages" text box. Set your margins in the "Inside" and "Outside" text boxes to 0.5 inches. In the "Top" and "Bottom" text boxes set the margins for 0.583 inches then click "OK."

    4. Click on the "Layout" menu and select "Column Guides." A dialog box will appear. In the text box title "Number of Columns" type "3." In the "Space Between Columns" type ".667 inches." Click "OK."

    5. Place your graphics by clicking on the arrow tool then going to "File" and "Place." Locate your graphic that you want to place and put it where you want it to be. You can use the cropping tool to resize it and the arrow tool to move it around.

    6. Grab the "T" tool to type your text. First draw a text box with it then click inside the text box and type. The font selection will appear at the bottom of the screen for you to change the size and type style.

    7. Finish, save and print. When finished click "File" and "Save." Print it to see if you need to make any changes.

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