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How to Do the Fremnic Trials Quest on RuneScape

10/26/2011 11:29 by SaideeDay

First answer posted by NataliaPeterson at 10/26/2011 11:29
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2 Answers
  • NataliaPeterson
    1. Travel to Fremnic village and talk to Gildor.

    2. Gildor will ask you to deliver a package to Gordon, who will be inside the hut with the green shield.

    3. Go inside the hut with the green shield and deliver the package to Gordon.

    4. Gordon will tell you that the package contains today's errands for him. He will thank you and will give you an invitation to the Fremnic Trials.

    5. Open the invitation and a Lesser Demon will appear. The Lesser Demon will ask you if you wish to complete the Fremnic Trials. Accept the Demon's offer.

    6. The Demon will transport you to a dungeon, where you will have to complete three trials. Enter the room that says "Trial One."

    7. Once inside, a Hobgoblin will attack you. Kill the Hobgoblin.

    8. Exit out of the "Trial One" room and enter the room that says "Trial Two."

    9. In the room, a Magician will tell you the riddle "I am light, yet I cannot light in the dark." Type in the answer choice "Feather."

    10. The Magician will disappear and you will then be transported to a room entitled "Trial Three." Step inside the black circle, which is located in the very middle of the room.

    11. A Lesser Demon will appear and will offer you many treasures like the famed Rune 2H and the Party Hat. Do not accept them but rather politely refuse.

    12. The Lesser Demon will respect your decision and will say that you have completed the Fremnic Trials. You will be rewarded with 300 strength and a dragon square shield.

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