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How to Create a School Report Card

11/14/2011 07:53 by Chrislo102

First answer posted by pmacdonald at 11/14/2011 07:53
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9 Answers
  • pmacdonald
    1. Download a free copy of Probo Student Report to create report cards for your students (see References). Simply unzip the Probo Student Report file from its .ZIP container and then launch the program. Probo Student Report supports up to six classes per report, and you can add a letter grade and percentage for each class. After filling out Probo Student Report's form, click on the program's "File" button and select the "Print" option from the File menu. You'll need to have Adobe Flash installed on your computer to run Probo Student Report.

    2. Create report cards for your students using a free copy of Grades 2.2 (see References). The program features a blank template for entering student names and grades. After composing a list of students and their grades, the program's "Kompute" option averages the grades. And after you've calculated all of your students' grades, you have the option of print the grade report. You can also email individual grade reports out to students. Type an email address next to each student's name and then select the "Mail this grade by email" option from the program's "Internet" heading.

    3. Download one of the free Microsoft Office report card templates to create grade reports for your students (see References). After downloading a report card template and opening it in Microsoft Word, you can edit the fields with student grade information. Simply print out the report card after you're satisfied with your edits.

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  • thanks gay
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  • Hi everybody

    I want to design a report card based on Access 2007.Please help me.

    Thanks a lot.

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  • Anonymous user
  • Hi Anonymous and everybody

    I have develop a Report Card System in MS Access which works great. If anybody interested let me know.



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  • Hey bmunited, can i have a look at your Report Card System in MS Access i need  help
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  • hey bmunited, am interested in having a look at ur report card in MS Access, i built one in excel but i dont like the limitations. Kindly assist with yours. please. thanks in advance
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  • School Report Card
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  • dffffffgthttyiiduz
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  • Hi my email is . I need the access report sheet.
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