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How to create a Panorama Image Using IrfanView?

08/23/2011 08:06 by KatyAmeglio

First answer posted by ArvindK at 08/23/2011 08:06
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1 Answers
  • ArvindK
    1. Run IrfanView. Double click the Icon of IrfanView to start the program.
    2. Open the Panorama Image window: Click “Image> Create Panorama Image…” to Open the Panorama image window.
    3. Select the direction: There are two directions to select-Horizontal and Vertical. You may choose any one that you need.
    4. Add Images: Click “Add images” to add your pictures from this dialogue box.
    5. Adjust images: You can click “Remove Images” to delete images, click “Sort images” to list the image by some rule that you need. You can move some images up or down by clicking “Move images up” or “Move images down”.
    6. Tick “Insert file name into image” if you want to put the file name into the image.
    7. Type the size of space and choose the space color here if you want to add space between images.
    8. Create image: Click “Create Image” button, the panorama image will be created and shown in the IrfanViewer.
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