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How to Create a Film Artwork Design Using Photo Pos Pro?

08/23/2011 16:49 by SaideeDay

First answer posted by JavierSanchez at 08/23/2011 16:49
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1 Answers
  • JavierSanchez
    1. Open Photo Pos Pro.
    2. Create a 300 X 500 size new image. Do this by clicking on the sheet of paper in the upper left hand corner and then select New Page.
    3. Create a new layer by clicking on Layers & Objects >> Create New Parent Layer. Name it Film Strip and make it Transparent.
    4. Select the Shape Tool iconand then tool propertiesand do the following:                                                                                                                          Select the left-most button from the Shape Automatic Styles toolbar ("Solid" Style).                                                                                                                         Select the Shape Card Index.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Select Common Shapes from the Shape Library dropdown list.                                                                                                                                                       Select the Film shape on the preview window).
    5. Select the Colors and Style tab and make black and set the fill color to black.
    6. Draw a film shape with the mouse.
    7. Copy (Ctrl C) and Paste into the image (Ctrl F) twice and make a long strip (three times should do it).
    8. Add images to the strip. Using the selection tool, select the part of the image, or the image, that you want to use.  Choose Edit >> Paste >> Into Current Image and Fit. Your image should be almost the right size and you can resize it to fit completely. Continue until the film strip is complete.
    9. Deselect everything. Do this by clicking Ctrl E.
    10. Go to Layers & Objects and Merge All objects onto Parent Layer or the Layers Dialog box and merge layers.
    11. Add the film wave design.  Use the settings in the screenshot to make the wavy film strip. Select Auto Preview if you want to see it before you select ok.
    12. Select the move iconand slant your image the way you want it.
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