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how to create a Database from an Excel Spreadsheet?

12/06/2011 02:48 by ThomasOakes

First answer posted by Kimplex at 12/06/2011 02:48
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1 Answers
  • Kimplex
  • In Microsoft Access
    1. Create a spreadsheet in excel. Save the spreadsheet to a location on your hard drive.
    2. Launch Microsoft Access. Open an existing Microsoft Access database or create a new, blank database.
      • Microsoft Access is designed for use with Microsoft Excel and comes bundled with Excel in Microsoft Office Professional.
      • You can also purchase Access alone to discover how to create a database from an Excel spreadsheet
    3. Click the "External Data" tab and select the "Excel" icon on the ribbon
    4. Click the "Browse" button to navigate to the location of the Excel spreadsheet.
      • Alternatively, you can type the file path into the field, for example: c:/users/<username>/documents/addresses.xls (or addresses.xlsx)
    5. Specify how you would like the information to transfer to the database by selecting one of the following options:
      • Import the source data into a new table in the current database: Use this option if you are using a brand new database with no tables or if you want to add a new table to an existing database. By creating a new table you can edit the information in Access.
      • Append a copy of the records to the table: Use this option if you are using an existing database and want to add the data to one of the tables in the database. By appending an existing table, you can edit the information in Access.
      • Link to the data source by creating a linked table: Use this option to create a hyperlink in the database, which will open the excel database in excel. With this method, you cannot edit the information in Access.
      • Click OK after you have selected your transfer method.
    6. Select the sheet you want to import from the list.
      • By default, Excel creates workbooks with three spreadsheets labeled "Sheet 1," "Sheet 2," and "Sheet 3." You can delete, add and edit the names of these sheets in Excel, and whatever changes you make will show up in Access.
      • You can only transfer one sheet at a time. If you have information on all three sheets, you must complete the transfer with one sheet then go back to the "External Data" tab and repeat all the steps for each remaining sheet.
      • Click "Next" after you have selected the spreadsheet.
    7. Leave the checkmark in "First Row Contains Column Headings," if that is the case. If not, remove the checkmark and Access will create its own column headings. Click "Next."
    8. Edit the field type, if desired, or indicate if you wish to import the field.
      • If you are importing all the fields from the spreadsheet, as-is, do not make any changes at this screen and click "Next."
      • If you wish to change the nature of one of the fields, click on the column header you wish to change and edit the name of the field, the data type, or whether or not it is indexed. Then click "Next."
      • If you want to skip that field, put a check mark next to "Do Not Import Field (Skip)," then click "Next."
    9. Set the primary key for the database. For the best results, let Access set the key. You can also set your own by typing text into the field next to that option, or you can select "No primary key" which is not recommended. Click "Next."
    10. Type the name of the sheet in the "Import to Table" field, or leave it set to the default name.
      • Click "Finish" and put a checkmark in "Save These Import Steps" to use the same steps on future imports.
      • Click "Close" to create your database.
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