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How to close rocketdock when a window is opened ?

09/02/2011 07:13 by MikeChin

I have rocketdock and it was not visible when i open any window like 'my computers'....but now it is visible even when i open a window ...i don't what it to be visible cause it disturbs me to select anything that is at the top ....what can i do so that it will not be visible when i open a window and should be visible only on the Desktop.
First answer posted by PPrashanth at 09/02/2011 07:13
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3 Answers
  • PPrashanth
  • Right click on the dock and change settings in rocketdock option to left or or bottom
    if u want to stop services right click on the taskbar and go to task manager and services tab and kill the process
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  • Anonymous user
  • Simply right click anywhere on the dock and chose "auto hide". Once your mouse leaves the dock it will automatically hide!
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  • Anonymous user
  • if u want to quit it, simply right click on the dock and chose quit.
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