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How to change Windows Messenger to Windows Live Messenger?

07/20/2011 07:59 by maxkitty

My Windows Live Messenger isn't working, and i have a keyboard that have a messenger button on it. When I press the messenger button, it goes to Windows Messenger. Is there a way to change it to Windows Live when I press the button?
First answer posted by KeithCorbin at 07/20/2011 08:07
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3 Answers
  • KeithCorbin
  • Hey yeah, you can. You hav to under the keyboard settings on the computer.
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  • NataliaPeterson
  • You need to disable Windows Messenger. 
    From RUN type msconfig
    Then go to startup tab and you will see 'msmsgs'
    Remove the check from there
    Now reboot
    Next go to the folder that has Messenger
    Right click on Start
    Click Explore
    Click Program Files
    You will find a file named Messenger
    Open that folder
    You will see a program called msmsgs
    Rename it to NOmsmsgsno
    Next rename the folder to NOmsmsgs
    Install Windows Live Messenger.
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  • SteveQueen
  • Can' t you just uninstall Windows messenger? Well, I don't know.
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