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How to Change the Language of Zoo Tycoon 2

10/26/2011 09:52 by SallyPainting

First answer posted by JGebauer at 10/26/2011 09:52
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3 Answers
  • JGebauer
    1. Open the Zoo Tycoon 2 game and wait for the program to load. Choose a "New" or "Existing" game from the list of available options and allow the content to load on screen.

    2. Select "File" from the top of the screen and click the "Preferences" tab on the next menu.

    3. Select "Language Options" from the subsequent page. Choose the language that you would like the game to work with and click "Save" at the bottom of the window. The game will now operate in the new language that was chosen.

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  • Anonymous user
  • file on top of the screen?
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  • Anonymous user
  • There is no "file" on top of the screen...
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