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How to change screensaver of Kindle 3?

09/07/2011 06:45 by KCornell

I got a kindle 3. It's amazing. but the default screensaver wasn't my favorite. Can I change the screensaver of kindle? I just want the kindle looks like my own kindle.
First answer posted by Artemaria at 09/07/2011 06:46
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5 Answers
  • Artemaria
  • Is there a way to change screensaver of kindle 3? The screensaver shows up when I put my kindle into sleep mode. I don't like the default screensaver. someone says I should do the screensaver hack? Is there a safe way to hack without damage my Kindle?

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  • DanielSimon
  • Holding the power slide switch for seven seconds until the display goes blank. this will bypass the screensavers all together. To change screensaver, you need to hack it.

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  • Kimplex
  • How to Change the Kindle Screensaver:
    1. Connect the Kindle with the USB cable to a USB port on your computer. The computer automatically detects the Kindle connection and creates a drive letter "K" for the device on your computer.
    2. Click the Windows "Start" button and click "Computer." Double-click "K" to open the Kindle directories. Double-click the "System" folder.
    3. Right-click on any blank space in the "System" folder and select "New," and "Folder." Name the new folder "screen_saver."
    4. Copy the image you want to use as your screensaver to the new Kindle directory. This can be a customized picture, or a picture from a digital camera or cell phone.
    5. Remove the Kindle from your computer. Press the Kindle "Menu" item, and select "Settings." Press "Update Your Kindle." Wait for the update to download and install for the new screensaver to take effect.
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  • SteveQueen
    1. Attach the Kindle to a computer using the USB cord.
    2. Using Windows Explorer (or whatever you use to see individual files/folders) , you should see a new drive called Kindle under My Computer. Go to that drive. (Or if you have an SD card in your Kindle, you can go to the SD drive.)
    3. Create a new folder called “pictures” and a subfolder called “screensavers” under it. Make sure both folder names are all lowercase.
    4. Copy your image files into the screensavers folder. Your pictures should be 600×800 pixels and black & white. I’ve only used .jpg files. [[I've read that .gif and .png files work as well]]
    5. After copying is complete & it is safe, eject the Kindle and remove the Kindle from the USB connection.
    6. Go to your Home menu and press alt-z. This will create a new book called “screensavers”. Open it. You’ll see each of your pictures. You can advance through them with the prev. page and next page buttons. [[Note: The new book will appear at the END of your book list]]
    7. While viewing your pictures, look at the bottom of the Kindle screen. If you see your battery indicator & Menu prompt, press alt-F to go into Full Screen mode.
    8. On each photo, press alt-shift-0 (i.e., alt-shift-zero) . After a brief delay, you’ll get a message that your picture has been exported as screensaver. Click Close on the message. (By pressing Alt-Shift-P you will get the number zero.)
    9. Navigate to each of the pictures you want to use and repeat the above step.
    10. When you’ve got all your pictures loaded, test them by going into & out of sleep mode. Alt-aA (i.e., alt-font size button) puts it to sleep & wakes it up again. Each time it sleeps, it should use a different image. If you see the same image all the time, relook at Step 3.
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  • JavyTechGuy
  • Thanks for the information. that worked perfectly.
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